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Daily deal: Pebble Steel smartwatch £144.00

Good morning! And so we hit the mid-week, to break you out of any Wednesday slump you may be experiencing we've found the Pebble Steel smartwatch reduced from £179.99 to £144.

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The Pebble smartwatch was one of the first watches that helped launched this wearable wave we're currently experiencing, with the promises of phone connectivity the Pebble sold like hotcakes.

The Pebble Steel smartwatch is an update to the original Pebble, and features a thinner body, a Corning Gorilla Glass screen, and improved buttons. The Pebble Steel is compatible with both iOS and Android and is waterproof up to 50m.

With a vibrant app store there are thousands of functions you can use the watch for; a stereo remote, score keeping for a sporting event your missing, or simply receiving notification from your social media feeds.

The Pebble Steel also boasts close to 1,000 different watch faces that you can choose to suit your style, or if you feel like a change there are plenty of other watch faces to choose from.

One of the issues currently plaguing most smartwatches is the fact that they have to be charged every day or every other day. However, the Pebble Steel's battery life lasts around a week and will give you a prompt when the juice starts running low.

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