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EE claims top spot in mobile network report

RootMetrics has produced another report into the performance of UK mobile networks, with EE being declared the winner across all major categories.

The RootMetrics 2nd Half 2014 UK Mobile Network Performance Review is the third such report, and utilised data from over a million tests – with the good news being that all networks are improving in terms of speed and reliability.

When it came to mobile internet performance, EE topped the tree with a score of 88, with Three on 83.7, Vodafone on 71.9, and O2 on 69.6 – there’s a clear gulf between the top pair and bottom pair in this case.

Network speed saw EE record an 82.1, followed by Three on 70.7, Vodafone on 68.7, and O2 on 68.

Network reliability was a very close contest between EE and Three, with the former pipping it 91.6 to 91.1, with O2 on 81, and Vodafone on 80.8.

The scores for overall performance saw EE top on 89.4, Three on 86.2, with O2 scoring 79.5 and Vodafone 78.8.

And if you’re still using your phone to make calls, of all things, EE topped the call performance category with 90, and Three was again second on 87.5, with O2 on 87.2 and Vodafone adrift on 83.4.

So, EE took everything, except being effectively tied with Three for reliability, with the latter network also doing very well and taking second place across the board.

RootMetrics stated: “In summary, EE might have the lead at the moment, but the race with Three is a close one. Three’s continued strong performances make it another strong contender for consumers looking for performance at the UK level.”

Three, of course, is set to merge with O2, or that’s certainly the plan – so it will certainly be interesting to see how that behemoth network fares against EE in the future (EE having been snapped up by BT, of course).

Darren Allan

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