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Police raid finds 3D-printed knuckle dusters and gun parts

An Australian man has been arrested for 3D-printing gun parts and knuckle dusters in his home.

Police in Australia raided a 28-year-old man’s home south of Queensland's Gold Coast, and found drugs, ammunition, a sawn-off .22 rifle and 3D-printed weapons.

Detective Inspector Scott Knowles of Queensland's Major and Organised Crime Squad said they found a set of 3D-printed knuckle dusters and "sufficient parts to make four concealable firearms" – about eight parts per weapon.

Detective Inspector Knowles said the 3D printer belonged to a business, and was given to the man to be calibrated.

He has now also been charged with drugs and weapons offences and will appear in court, soon.

"With weapons and parts manufactured this way still being classified as a firearm under current legislation, people can also see themselves before the courts for manufacturing and possessing these items," Detective Inspector Knowles said.

The police have said this was the first seizure of its kind that they are aware of in the state of Queensland.

However, this is not the first time 3D-printed guns made the headlines. The first ever 3D-printed gun was unveiled in 2013, and it was created by the Texas-based company Defense Distributed.

They revealed the proof-of-concept device called the Liberator.

After a request sent by the US State Department, Defence Distributed had to remove the blueprints for the 3D-printed guns from their file sharing website Defcad.

However, the blueprints soon appeared on the torrent sharing site The Pirate Bay, and it’s safe to say that those blueprints will never be truly gone from the web.