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A Skype call with your pet? You must be barking mad

I'm a dog guy. No, really; I'm all in on this canine thing. You know those weird people that dress up their dog in clothes? I'm that guy now.

Having never owned a dog growing up, I used to laugh at people that did that, but now I am having birthday parties for my little puppy. Heck, I even dress her up for Halloween and go to Petco for the costume contest!

Believe it or not, I'm not alone in this behavior. More and more people are treating their pets as family members and even treating them as equals.

Today, Microsoft touts a new use for its popular communication solution, Skype - keeping a loving eye on your pets. Yes, some people cannot bear to be away from their pets for long amounts of time. With Skype, you can monitor your furry family member using a webcam.

With that said, I must warn you; there is an adorable example video above that will melt your heart.

"We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to keep in touch with your pets no matter where you are or what device you’re using. To help show an example of how families use Skype catch up with their pets, we met up with Lilly and followed her to the pet hotel where she had just checked in for the weekend", says The Skype Team.

The team further explains, "even while Lily's mom and dad are on holiday, they like to check in on her throughout the day to say hi and make sure she's relaxing as much as they are. With a quick Skype video call, Lily's parents were able to talk to Lilly through Skype on TV. By catching up together, Lily's parents gained some peace of mind knowing that Lilly was in good hands".

Obviously, pets cannot operate a webcam or device on their own (unless you have a chimpanzee, maybe), so I am sure you are wondering how the chat is initiated. As you can see in the video above, the human that is caring for the dog takes care of this.

Ultimately, this allows the dog owners (parents) to relax knowing that the dog is safe and sound. The dog may be calmed as well, hearing and seeing her mommy and daddy.

By the way, how adorable are the dogs in the video? OMG, I can't even!

Will you Skype with your puppy or kitten while away from them? Do you do this already? Tell me in the comments.