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Whitepaper: Getting the most from your virtualised data centre with converged systems

Not since the Industrial Revolution has technology played such a revolutionary role in business. Business trends such as globalisation, the remote workforce, and e- and m-commerce, are bolstered by technology solutions such as collaboration, social business, and self-servicing. Hyper-competitiveness and escalating user expectations continue to accelerate the pace of business; heightened security concerns and compliance obligations further raise the stakes, and exacerbate the fallout from failure.
The enterprise IT department sits at the centre of the digital revolution—pressured to meet escalating demands from business leaders, customers, partners, and employees, while protecting the business. Budgets are not keeping pace with rising demands. One thing is clear: the old way of running IT just won’t work in the new business environment.
To attain efficiencies, most businesses have turned to virtualisation. However, many are discovering that simply adding a hypervisor to their existing servers isn’t delivering the cost- and process efficiencies they need. Consolidating workloads on existing hardware may provide some budget relief, but it’s not necessarily going to take your business into the future.
Truth is, preparing your IT department (and your company) to be agile, cost-efficient, metrics-driven, and flexible will require a change in how you operate. It will require new process efficiencies, organisational changes, and even new roles for IT and business managers.

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