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Xerox analytics platform gives city planners mountains of transport data

Xerox has recently released a data analytics platform that analyses huge amounts of transport data quickly and accurately and presents the information as a graphical display.

It is hoped that the platform will help city planners and transport operators to better understand and even predict commuter needs.

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The Mobility Analytics Platform (MAP) uses data analysis and research technology from the Xerox Research Centre Europe to provide a city-wide representation of transport operations. Important metrics such as passenger numbers and car park statistics can be analysed, which Xerox group president Jo van Onsem believes could provides huge benefits.

"MAP gives operators the keys to improving the quality and adoption of services,” he said. "Xerox’s MAP innovation is a major contribution to the development of improved urban mobility.”

MAP has been used to predict when passengers will leave a transport service and is capable of forecasting the impact of traffic delays and adverse weather conditions. The city of Adelaide, Australia has already begun trialling the service as it prepares to revamp its transportation network as part of a 30-year urban development plan.

The world’s leading provider of parking spaces, VINCI Park is also testing MAP in Neuilly, a town in the suburbs of Paris, France. Albert Feuga, director of parking management at the firm, explained how the data gathered from the platform will influence future parking developments.

“With MAP we now have a user friendly graphical tool that allows us to analyse quickly and accurately the use and revenues of our car parks,” he said. “MAP also allows us to understand the behaviour of our customers and better anticipate demand and manage flows.”

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MAP is currently available in all parts of the world except for North America, with further updates to the software expected later this year. The service could prove extremely useful in countries experiencing rapid economic growth, where issues surrounding urban sprawl often occur.

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