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BT launches new service to defeat cyber-attackers

BT has just launched a new service to help businesses in the battle against ever more prevalent cyber-threats.

BT Assure Threat Intelligence offers constant monitoring and assessment of threats, providing an organisation with enhanced security, and watching for current as well as potential future cyber-attack vectors.

The system was created following research by BT which showed that 59 per cent of IT decision makers said DDoS attacks were becoming more effective at defeating their security systems. 40 per cent of respondents also admitted that they weren’t convinced their business had an effective response plan to counter a DDoS attack.

Assure Threat Intelligence offers customisable intelligence reports (or you can select from predefined reporting options) to allow for the early identification of threats, giving a business time to develop defences and cure vulnerabilities before they are actively exploited.

Should the worst happen, and an exploit still be leveraged against a company, BT’s service will give advice on how best to proceed post-incident. Assure Threat Intelligence further offers elements such as a face-to-face meeting to pinpoint any business assets which are at risk.

Mark Hughes, President of BT Security, commented: “We want to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing what to look out for and how to create an effective defence against cyber-threats. Timely and accurate cyber intelligence reporting is central to this.”

“As a global network operator, BT is in a position to identify emerging and potential threats wherever they may come from. We can draw on a huge amount of intelligence from a variety of sources, both human and technical and draw conclusions on risk and threat to help organisations survive, thrive and keep ahead of emerging issues.”

Darren Allan

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