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Daily deal: TP-LINK M5360 Mi-Fi mobile 3G hotspot £49.49

With Friday rapidly approaching we hope that you've had a productive week. Today is "Darwin day" in which we celebrate the birth of evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin. Let's celebrate with a great deal on the TP-LINK M5360 3G Mi-Fi Hotspot reduced from £58.80 to £49.49.

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TP-LINK's M5360 3G Mi-Fi hotspot is a nifty piece of kit that allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot using a 3G connection and allows you connectivity wherever there is a 3G signal. You can connect up to 10 devices to the hotspot allowing you to share your connection with colleagues/friends/family or to provide connectivity on a multitude of devices.

TP-LINK has also installed a 5,200mAh battery in the 3G hotspot that allows you to charge USB devices through the hotspot which should cater to two full iPhone charges. I assume that if you're not using the battery to charge devices you'll get a full 17 hours of connectivity.

Other smart additions that TP-LINK has included in the 3G hotspot, is the display that shows you the hotspot's battery life, upload rate, download rate, signal strength, user numbers and a bunch or other data points.

If you're on the move and currently getting your connection through a dongle, this is a must-have upgrade. Simply put a data-only SIM card into the 3G hotspot and you'll be connected in no time.

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