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Facebook rolls out buying and selling feature to Groups

Step aside, eBay, Facebook is here.

The social media giant announced it's rolling out new features for Groups, allowing users to buy and sell stuff using Facebook.

People posting in groups on Facebook will now have the option to add whether buying or selling a certain item, including adding prices and shipping methods.

Groups are a very popular feature on the social network, with groups where people buy and sell goods among the most popular ones.

Now all users and admins of such groups will have a much easier time doing business.

Currently, members in those groups usually post photos of items for sale and add details in the description.

With the new feature, each profile will have a list of previous items bought and sold.

Facebook however, emphasises that it’s simply giving users a new option and is in no way affiliated or responsible for the business done.

The new feature was spotted in December when it was still in testing phase, after which the company confirmed it was working on it.

Now, the feature is rolling out globally to more Groups on the web, Android and iOS.

“We will continue to introduce new features in the coming months to help people in the For Sale Group community easily connect, browse and search,” says Facebook in a blog post.

“These new features will roll out to all Facebook For Sale Groups in the coming months across iOS, Android and web.”

Facebook Group admins who would like to participate now can nominate their Group on this link.