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Pinterest introduces app downloads for iOS users

Pinterest is expanding its influence into the app world, with the service set to allow users the ability to highlight their favourite pieces of mobile software – when it comes to Apple’s ecosystem, anyway.

Yes, app pins have been introduced for iOS, so iPhone and iPad users can pin apps which impress them to boards, and other users can simply click to download the app right from within Pinterest.

Given the sprawling size of Apple’s App Store, some extra direction from Pinterest users certainly won’t go amiss when it comes to sorting the wheat from the chaff.

App pins will only be visible to those using the Pinterest app on an Apple tablet or phone – so sadly Android users won’t even be able to view recommended apps to see if they’re also present on the Play store. Pinterest could possibly expand the concept to include Android apps in the future, but for now, reports are saying this is an iOS exclusive.

Pinterest has already got the ball rolling with its own employees picking out their top apps on the Staff Picks board. The App Store also has its own fresh profile, providing a good starting point for those who want to explore the new concept.