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The true meaning of love in the 21st century

Love isn't about trust and commitment, not any more.

Oh no, love is about knowing your significant other’s Facebook password and smartphone unlock key!

That’s how half of Brits feel on love nowadays.

Samsung conducted a study which had shown some depressing figures: more than half of adults in the UK (56 per cent) believe sharing social media passwords is a sign of true love and a committed relationship.

If you don’t, they’ll snoop through your phone anyway, the study shows.

A total of 2,000 people took part in the survey.

Some 44 per cent of women would go through their partner’s phone while he’s not looking, while 36 per cent of men admitted they’d do the same.

Britons who are suspicious of their partners check their phones twice a week.

So what do they look for when they open their partner’s phone (oh, like you don’t know already)?

First they check for text messages, and then call history. Next in line are Facebook messages, followed by emails and the phone’s photo gallery.

And, of course, the internet search history.

What’s most disturbing about this survey is that six in 10 respondents said they had caught their partner cheating on them, or talking to someone they shouldn't be, while snooping on them.

In more than 40 per cent of cases, the “detectives” have been caught in the act, while browsing through their partner’s phones.

Of the 2,000 respondents who took part in the survey, 34 per cent admitted to knowing their partner's PIN, 39 per cent know their email account password, and 26 per cent know their Facebook password.