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Whitepaper: Unified data protection for physical and virtual environments

This IDC Executive Brief will discuss the evolution and challenges of data protection for virtual environments and how a modern data protection solution can enable both virtualisation professionals and storage managers to perform successful backups, but more importantly guaranteed restores. Benefits and challenges of data protection for virtual environments will be discussed, as well as emerging best practices for unified data protection.
New business demands require a more agile IT infrastructure
The nature of business has changed radically over the past few years, with technology playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of the business, from product design and creation, supply chain management and manufacturing through to sales and inventory management, go-to-market partners and customer management. The pace of business is accelerating, and IT is being called upon to support the urgency of the technological changes required.

This need for increasing agility and flexibility has led to a shift in demands on the CIO. With no real increase in budgets, the CIO is responding by changing the way IT is architected and managed to reduce the traditionally high cost impact of routine operations in order to free up budget for investment in growth and innovation.

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