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FitBit confirms reports that devices can cause rashes

Fitness tracker manufacturer FitBit has confirmed that its latest wearable product - the Surge - can cause some users to experience skin rashes.

As TechCrunch reports, FitBit says that “a very limited percentage of users” reported skin irritation, which is not uncommon for jewellery or a wearable that’s in constant contact with the skin.

The company suggests users take a break from the device for a couple of hours or even as long as a day or two.

This is not a first for Fitbit, as it was previously forced to pull its older wristband, the Force, from the shelves after reports of skin rashes started coming in.

"The reactions we are seeing with new products are not uncommon with jewellery or wearable devices that stay in contact with the skin for extended periods," Fitbit said in a statement.

FitBit believes rashes could have been caused by wearing the device too tightly, of by sweat that stays under the device.

"According to our consulting dermatologists, they are likely wearing the band too tight, sweat, water, or soap behind held against the skin under the device: or from pressure or friction against the skin and should resolve quickly when users take a break from the device, usually within hours or days."

Some users have taken to Twitter to show off their skin rash, and some have considered abandoning the wearable altogether.

More than 200 instances of skin irritation complaints on social media have been collected in a Google document started by one affected user.

The Surge is FitBit’s most expensive product and paramount to the company’s growth. It can be bought for $250 (£162.5).