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Microsoft and Real Madrid show off new partnership

In November 2014, Microsoft and the Spanish football giants Real Madrid announced a partnership which will provide the club with various technologies to assist them in training and off the pitch.

Now, the partnership has been enforced with a video commercial that highlights the deal.

The Redmond company’s corporate vice president and chairman of Emerging Markets, Orlando Ayala, says in a blog post that this collaboration “accelerates the digital transformation of the club through technology”.

“This is a four-year vision that will truly change the game for Real Madrid, and enable their fans to enjoy their passion in a unique way,” he adds.

The collaboration is fan-oriented, and basically everything Microsoft does for Real Madrid will be for the club’s fans.

“But above all, the digital platform we’re designing with Real Madrid is maniacally focused on putting fans at the centre, and opening access and control of rich content and experiences that bring them closer to their passion for the game and the team.”

Microsoft will focus on bringing the fans useful and meaningful data, presented in a simple, yet entertaining way.

“The vision is to really enable a dynamic platform that will provide incredible capability in reaching insights and uncovering new ideas, giving fans the opportunity to be the drivers of this discovery and the authors of their own stories.”

The goal is to give fans enough data and tools to create various infographics, comparisons of players and other key stats.

The company has also created a website dedicated to the promotion of the collaboration with the Spanish club.