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Minded Security launches AMT Banking Malware Detector in UK

Minded Security has announced the launch of its Agentless anti-Malware Technology (AMT) Banking Malware Detector in the UK, to help protect British users of online banking services.

The company notes that its own research shows that 5 per cent of devices used by customers of major European banks are infected by malware – though it includes adware and spyware in that category, with 3 per cent adware, and 1.5 per cent spyware. 0.5 per cent of the figure is actual banking-targeted malware – though this still represents quite a number of customers at risk of account stealing and fraud.

The AMT Banking Malware Detector is capable of defending against known threats, and also proactively uses threat modelling to defend against fresh, previously unseen pieces of banking malware.

Minded Security also announced it was bringing DOMInatorPro to the UK, a service which enables organisations to spot and reduce the risk of JavaScript vulnerabilities plaguing customers’ web browsers.

Marco Morana, managing director of Minded Security UK, commented: “Banking malware is constantly evolving, and escalating in sophistication, typical authentication and monitoring tools simply don’t stand up against these new threats. The financial sector needs to deploy anti-malware technology that is effective at detecting and identifying the risks associated with both known, and unknown malware threats. Minded Security aims to help manage and mitigate these hard-to-find threats.”