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Police question Twitter user after bot sends death threats

Bill Gates just might be on to something when he said he's afraid of artificial intelligence.

A Twitter user named Jeffry van der Goot made a bot that wasn’t even that intelligent, and still it started sending out death threats over Twitter.

It makes sense though, as an intelligent bot would never be so silly as to threaten people… publicly.

Anyway, Jeffry van der Goot made a bot which takes random words from his feed, mixes them up a little and then forms them into coherent sentences and publishes on his account.

I have no idea why someone would even do such a thing, still it was all fine and dandy until the bot started sending out death threats.

“I just got visited by the police because of a death threat my Twitter bot made,” he posted on Twitter later.


The threats were serious enough to have the police knocking on his door, and as you might imagine, he had a pretty hard time explaining to the police that it wasn’t him, it was his bot.

Threats were issued against an upcoming event that was taking place in Amsterdam, where van der Goot lives as a developer.

As published on Ubergizmo, van der Goot claims that the police told him that he’s responsible since the bot is his and it is under his name and has used his words.

He didn’t want to identify the bot, and has since deleted his Twitter account, at the request of the police.