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Whitepaper: Modernising data protection with backup appliances

Transformation of the backup infrastructure is the next frontier for IT and storage managers. Backup is an area where architectures are only slowly evolving, and "never touch a running system" is the mantra in many organisations. However, the transformation of the IT infrastructure that is happening in most IT departments today, starting with the introduction of server virtualisation technologies and driving towards greater levels of automation and orchestration, has a significant impact on current and future data protection architectures.
Another significant driver of the need to transform the backup infrastructure is the constantly growing volume of data. Data growth is driven by Big Data, social and mobile applications, and machine and sensor-generated data, typically collected for analytics purposes. Backup infrastructures need to be re-architected to allow for faster backups and faster restore times even when facing rapid data growth.

This IDC executive brief will discuss the evolution and challenges of data protection and how backup appliances can form part of a modern data protection architecture. Benefits and challenges of an appliance-based data protection approach will be discussed, as well as emerging best practices for modern data protection.

To keep reading, download the whitepaper below.