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Amazon Fire continues to grow as Sling TV joins the team

Sling TV has just come out of private testing and no longer requires an invitation - anyone can now use it.

The next step is, logically, is getting set-top box makers on board. One of those would be retail giant Amazon which produces the Fire TV. It's a growing platform with more options being added seemingly daily.

Now, Amazon can count Sling TV among its growing list of entertainment choices. In fact, the retail giant claims its offerings have gone up markedly since the device launched in 2014.

"The growth of apps and games available on Amazon Fire TV has been tremendous since launch - selection is up 5x since April, and many popular titles such as FOX Sports GO and Flappy Birds Family have launched exclusively on the Fire TV platform,” says Steve Rabuchin, Vice President of the Amazon Appstore.

“We’re especially excited to be one of the first platforms to launch the Sling TV app - we think Fire TV and Fire TV Stick customers are going to love it".

In addition to the Fox Sports app, the company also announces that TED and CBS News are joining the family.

There are also new games, as the set-top doubles as a pretty good gaming console - you won't be playing Call of Duty, but the controller does look much like that of an Xbox and the games are getting more sophisticated.

If you are interested in trying out the box then you can grab one straight from Amazon for $99 (£79 in the UK (opens in new tab)), though there are regularly sales that knock a few dollars off that total.