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Brits: 'We're not scared of driverless cars'

Does the idea of driverless cars send shivers up your spine? Well, it doesn’t for the majority of UK citizens, at least not according to a recently conducted poll.

The survey, from Digital Spy, saw 58.8 per cent of respondents answer that they wouldn’t mind using driverless cars – and 29.2 per cent said they wouldn’t want to travel in a self-driving car right away, but would be willing to consider the prospect in the future. Only 12 per cent said they would never go in a driverless car.

So while that’s a fairly positive result for the supporters of the self-driving motor, the majority of respondents also felt it would be a long time before the concept of the driverless car was accepted in society at large.

29.5 per cent said it would take between five and ten years for the idea to be accepted, and even more, 37.7 per cent, felt it would be longer than a decade even.

The poll follows last week’s announcement by the UK government that a code of practice for driverless vehicles will be produced this spring, to allow the testing of self-driving cars to begin on UK roads. For the moment, self-driving cars will still need a qualified driver on board to supervise the vehicle’s actions.

Four driverless car trial projects are set to kick off across the UK in Milton Keynes, Coventry, Bristol and Greenwich.