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LG posts video proclaiming innocence in Samsung washing machine scandal

The Samsung – LG soap opera over a few broken washing machines has gotten a new episode, literally.

Back in September 2014, ahead of the massive IFA technology conference, a group of LG employees damaged a couple of Samsung’s washing machines.

The incident occurred at at SATURN Berlin Steglitz electronics shop.

As it turned out, one of the LG employees was none other than the head of LG’s home appliances division, Jo Seong-jin.

LG has admitted that two washing machines were indeed damaged by its employees, but that this was done unintentionally, while they were inspecting the rival’s product.

As LG said, the hinges on the Samsung’s washing machines were weak.

And now, a couple of months later, the accused Jo Seong-jin posted a video clip on YouTube in which he categorically refutes allegations that he intentionally broke the washing machines.

The footage shows Jo and other executives examining Samsung's laundry machine and pressing down on the doors of the machine several times..

Jo said it was part of testing the washers, which is ordinarily done by customers.

"Users frequently press the door of the washing machine while doing laundry. Testing the sturdiness of the door hinge is just an ordinary process of testing the machine in that sense," the president said in the clip.

The video was posted a day after he and two other executives were indicted on charges of damaging Samsung’s machines.

The German police investigated the matter and interviewed the men, but let them go after they agreed to compensate for the damages.