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The Urbane: LG's swanky unisex smartwatch gets pre-MWC unveiling

Prior to the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Smartphone maker LG took an early step in unveiling its newest Android smartwatch offering, the LG Watch Urbane.

Compared to the previously-launched G Watch R, the Urbane is designed with a classier and more unisex look, with smooth gold and silver finishes. Matched with a more subtle and minimalist design, it is expected to be an option for both men and women.

The Urbane also comes with a higher quality leather strap, which can be changed for a more personalised style.

Talking about similarities with the G Watch R, the new LG smartwatch also runs Android Wear, as well as featuring a P-OLED 1.3-inch circular display and 410mAh battery, indicating that it still has the same visuals and battery life as its predecessor.

While LG does not intend to replace its G Watch R with the Urbane, this certainly provides an option for consumers looking for a more elegant device.

LG is still expected to unveil the Urbane's price and release date at the MWC in March, but the company's early sneak peak seems to be a move to create an early buzz against its possible contenders launching at the MWC.

Nonetheless, we have yet to see the actual Urbane watch in the flesh, so we'll have to wait until MWC to see how it stands up against the handful of other brands expected to release their own smartwatches.