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New poll shows developers prefer Android Lollipop to iOS 8

Developers have a tendency to favor the iOS platform, it provides more revenue per user, Apple seems to have a slightly better handle on curation and the amount of iPhones being sold is great for business.

However, when it comes to getting down and dirty with the coding, developers are having a more troubling experience on iOS 8 than Android Lollipop, a new poll from Crittercism finds.

The difference is minimal, but in crash reports Android Lollipop hits a crash rate of 2.0 per cent, to iOS 8 with a crash rate of 2.2 per cent. Both are better than the average 2.5 per cent on both iOS and Android.

Android used to be notorious for crashing back in 2012, but Google has upped its game since then with some excellent updates to performance and bug issues, leading to a stable release of Lollipop.

Apple - on the other hand - is struggling to maintain the low percentage previous generations of iOS hit. iOS 8 is actually Cupertino's highest crashing mobile update, showing Apple is starting to miss a few of the sweet spots.

The lack of heavy Q&A has lead to various issues for iOS 8, including the 8.0.1 bug that stopped calls, 3G data and removed contact books. Apple has since worked on delaying updates before a round of Q&A has been completed.

To fix the growing issues on iOS, Apple will reportedly focus all of its attention on bug fixes and performance issues on iOS 9. The end goal is to hopefully offer a crash-free mobile experience, for developers and consumers.

David Curry
David Curry

David has been a technology journalist for over six years, covering a wide range of sectors. He currently researches apps, app sectors and app markets for Business of Apps, and has written for ITProPortal, RTInsights, ReadWrite, and Digital Trends.