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First glimpse of Toshiba’s camera modules for Project Ara

Toshiba is planning on showing off some of the modules it has put together for Google’s modular smartphone, Project Ara.

The modules in question are for phone cameras, with Digital Trends spotting this glimpse of three different offerings from Toshiba – these will be among 50 or so modules Google will reportedly be displaying at MWC in a couple of weeks’ time. (The idea of Project Ara being that you can custom pick your own modules, which can be slotted together to make your very own tailored smartphone).

Toshiba will offer two different flavours of rear camera to begin with – a 5 megapixel model which we already heard about, and a (more expensive) 13 megapixel module for those who want better quality photography. The third module is a front camera, but there will only be one choice here – 2 megapixels. We’re betting a 5 megapixel front camera won’t be far off, though, as those are becoming common for selfie addicts.

As well as a large collection of various modules for Google’s modular phone, we should also be treated to a working handset at MWC – and it’ll be very interesting to see that in action, finally.

There are other custom hardware projects which use the modular building blocks concept, too, like the Blocks smartwatch – that’s another one we’re keen to get our hands on.

Image Credit: Image Sensors World