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Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition now on pre-order

Despite what has happened with Google of late, Sony is forging ahead with its AR specs, and opening up its SmartEyeglass Developer Edition for pre-orders (just after Google’s Glass Explorer program was shuttered).

The SmartEyeglass (that’s an unimaginably clunky name, particularly the way Sony is writing it) is up for pre-order now, ahead of a March 10 release date for the Developer Edition. It will be available in the UK and US, along with Germany and Japan (enterprise customers will also be able to get it in certain other Euro nations, namely France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden).

How much will the device set you back? In the UK, it will be £520 plus VAT, so £624 in total. That’s not quite as eye-watering as Glass was, but still, it’s hardly a trivial outlay.

Sony’s smart glasses are capable of displaying text and images directly in the user’s field of view via the lenses. The gadget is wirelessly hooked up to a smartphone, and Sony is planning to release the official SDK as well, so developers can beaver away on apps for the SmartEyeglass.

Sony stated: “Going forward, Sony will accelerate its efforts to promote the development of apps for SmartEyeglass, as it eyes the commercialisation of the product for both consumers and enterprise customers in 2016.”

Hopefully, when it comes to the end product, the price will drop considerably further too – though it still remains to be seen how popular any sort of AR specs are going to be with consumers.

The applications in a work environment, however, are undoubtedly sound, and Google Glass will still likely have a future in this respect too.