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Takeaways from Obama's cyber security summit

US President Barack Obama led a cyber security summit in California last week, also attended by the likes of Apple CEO Tim Cook, with the aim of uniting the Government and technology companies on issues of national cyber security.

After attending the event, Bob West, chief trust officer at CipherCloud and former Fifth Third Bank and Bank One CISO, offered his thoughts on the key points that emerged:

“The executive order for information sharing is a great starting point and a firm first step. We also need to continue to educate boards of directors and executive teams to make sure there is broad adoption of the NIST cyber security framework.

"Whether we are talking about this information-sharing order or parts of the President’s cybersecurity proposal, such as breach notification standards, it will be important to harmonise US laws with international ones.

"Another stand-out topic from the summit is Tim Cook’s keynote for several reasons. Apple Pay’s use of a one-time transaction code (instead of a credit card number) is a game changer for the continuously-attacked payments system and this type of technology should be applied broadly.

"I also concur that, those entrusted with power have an obligation to protect the right to privacy and technology can answer that call to action."