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Google brings Play Music service to iPad

After launching its iPhone-only app in 2013, Google has finally launched an iPad version of its Google Play Music service.

As a Spotify-like application, Google Play Music lets its users stream unlimited music, with the additional handy function of saving the music for offline playing.

With the addition of a new-supported device, users can enjoy an app that is optimised for the iPad, while maximising its features.

One aspect that would highly benefit most users is the cloud feature, where Google Play Music provides up to 20,000 songs worth of cloud storage.

These songs uploaded to the cloud can then be streamed back to any device, effectively providing a full library of songs in your pocket.

The only downside to the app is that new users can't directly sign up from the app directly and must do it from a different device.

Google Play Music’s new version also incorporates Google's full Material Design UI to iPad and to the iPhone as well, where the newly-designed artist’s page provides descriptions and album art in Android Lollipop-inspired style.

Subscription on Google Play Music costs £9.99 per month and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab) and Apple App Store (opens in new tab).