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Whitepaper: IBM Connections - Cloud Mobility

The growing mobile workforce expects to connect to the corporate network anytime, anywhere and using any mobile device. As the number of mobile employees continues to grow, enterprises of all sizes need smart mobility cloud solutions that reduce costs, increase control and mitigate security risks. Combining the power of cloud computing with the freedom and functionality of mobile devices can give enterprises access to a wide range of key benefits, including increased reliability, real-time updates and access to applications that embrace and cultivate the spirit of collaboration and community—both internally and externally—while delivering outstanding return for the time invested.

IBM® Connections Cloud provides a portfolio of online services that deliver scalable, security-rich email, web conferencing and social collaboration solutions—at a predictable monthly rate. The services, which both office and mobile workers can use from almost any device, can help improve employee responsiveness and effectiveness in support of social business.

Supporting online meetings to enhance productivity and accelerate sales

To win in today’s marketplace, your teams have to move faster, yet the business must also be vigilant about keeping costs in check. And with employees spread around the world, this can be a difficult proposition. For example, salespeople may need the ability to put together meetings at a moment’s notice to close sales, and it’s often not cost-effective or practical for people on the road to reconvene with teams in the office. The way in which people share information can also impact the effectiveness of meetings. Emailing files to extended teams for a teleconference often results in confusing meetings where team members struggle to stay on the same page.

IBM Connections Meetings Cloud can enable your team to cost-effectively meet in the cloud practically anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

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