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iPhone phablet owners using far more data than iPhone 6

Apple iPhone phablet owners are using more data than those with the smaller (4.7in) iPhone 6, according to new research.

In fact, Citrix’s Mobile Analytics Report for 2015 showed that iPhone 6 Plus owners chew their way through twice as much data as vanilla iPhone 6 users.

That makes sense in terms of the considerably bigger 5.5in screen being much better for video watching, and streaming video is of course one area that will really hit your data plan. Those who buy the bigger iPhone model are more likely to be those who wish to use their smartphone for media viewing and suchlike.

The fact that it’s twice as much data is quite startling, though. Also, iPhone 6 owners in turn are consuming close to double the amount of data that iPhone 5/5S users get through.

If you drop down to look at the old iPhone 3GS, then iPhone 6 Plus users are consuming ten times as much data. All of which must have network carriers rubbing their hands together and generally hoping to sell more of the phablet iPhone, and hence chunkier data plans for higher subscription fees.

The Citrix report (spotted by Daze Info) also makes an interesting point about the iPhone phablet’s popularity and data usage cutting into iPad sales – after all, why buy a 7.9in iPad mini when you can have a just-about-big-enough screen for comfortable media viewing with the 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus? (And a much more portable device, to boot).

Darren Allan

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