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More misery for Jawbone as UP3 release faces further delays

The Jawbone UP3 hype has turned into even more frustration as customers continue to wait for the already-delayed deliveries of their pre-ordered wearable fitness tracker.

Customers who pre-ordered upon the opening on 7 November expected to get their hands on Jawbone’s flagship fitness wearable by December. But it looks as though customers will now have to wait until April for the wristband.

The estimated shipping turn-around time has moved from the original six to seven weeks to the now-promised 10-11 weeks from the date of purchase.

On top of these delays, the wearable-maker Jawbone has also been put in the spotlight recently for its reported financial demise (opens in new tab), which could cause more worries for consumers.

The company said that it is “fine-tuning the manufacturing process” to ensure a perfect product and that customers’ orders that are past its estimated shipping date are offered a 40 per cent discount or a free Jawbone UPMove.

Speaking to Wareable (opens in new tab), a spokesperson also assured customers that the company is "working hard to deliver UP3 units to customers" and is "very sorry about the delay".

Jawbone representatives said that an official launch date would be expected soon.

The Jawbone UP3 has an expected retail price of £149.99 in the UK and $179.99 in the U.S and will compete with the likes of Fitbit and Pebble in the wearable market.

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