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RedTube malware security breach confirmed

Do you visit Of course you don't. Nobody does!

Still, somewhere out there are 300 million visitors which go to that site every month, and as IBTimes reports, some of them might have been exposed to malware targeting their personal information.

In a blog post by security company Malwarebytes, it stated that was a victim of a security breach, where the hackers placed an iFrame code in the source code of the main page.

The code redirected the visitors to a malicious website which then attempted to install malware on the victim’s computer.

Hackers managed to breach RedTube’s infrastructure, Malwarebytes said:

“The existence of the iFrame in the main page source code is evidence enough to say that RedTube servers were likely hacked by malicious actors who had access to the main page source code, adding the malicious code and then setting it loose on RedTube users”, it says in the blog post.

Once the victim gets redirected, the site uses the vulnerability in Adobe’s Flash to drop malware onto the person’s disc.

The malware the exploit kit drops is part of what is known as the Kazy Trojan family, which the security company says is known "for stealing personal information from users as well as installing browser helper objects that spread pop-up ads, some redirecting to additional exploit pages and therefore more malware infections,” IBTimes writes.

The site confirmed the breach on Sunday, 15 February.

According to website monitoring service Alexa, RedTube is the 128th most popular website on the internet.