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Sega continues mobile gaming push with three new investments

Sega has announced further investments in three independent game studios, as it continues its push towards mobile gaming.

The Japanese company, which found fame in the early 90s through its Mega Drive home video console and its mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, has concentrated on software development ever since the failure of its Dreamcast console.

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The mobile video game market is a particularly lucrative one and continues to eat into traditional console sales, something that Sega is clearly looking to capitalise on with its recent investments. The firm has announced that it has acquired Demiurge Studios, purchased a majority shareholding in Ignited Artists and made a strategic investment in Space Ape Games.

All three companies have found success in the mobile sphere, with Demiurge launching a Marvel-themed version Puzzle Quest earlier this year, while Ignited Artists has previously collaborated with the likes of Activision and Microsoft Game Studios. UK-based Space Ape Games is an award winning studio best known for its Rival Kingdoms game and will use Sega’s influence to bring its titles to an international audience.

Bit-Tech reports that the chief executive of Sega Networks Haruki Satomi believes that the company’s mobile investments can see it continue to produce high quality video games.

“We’re constantly evaluating the independent mobile game space for studios that fit our vision of fun, high-quality gameplay experiences,” he said. “Demiurge underscores our commitment to investing in the West and complements our current roster of US and European mobile studios, including Three Rings and Hardlight. In addition, our strategic investments in Ignited Artists and Space Ape Games solidifies our commitment to publishing quality games across the globe.”

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Although Sega is still predominantly thought of as a home console developer it has increased its mobile output in recent times. Sonic Dash, Super Monkey Ball Bounce and Football Manager are all available on mobile devices, alongside some of the firm’s classic titles of yesteryear.

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