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Snapchat introduces music backing tracks for videos

Snapchat has been working on the audio side of its experience, and has introduced a new feature whereby users can easily add a background soundtrack to their videos.

Going forward with Snapchat, when you record a video, the app can take whatever music is currently playing on your phone and feed it into your recording to become the backing track to your clip, the Guardian reports. It couldn’t get much easier than that – though you might need to time the playing of your music carefully to get the required results, as no post-shooting editing is available to rejig the sound (for, say, lip syncing).

The new feature will work with popular streaming apps including Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes. What record labels will make of their tunes being imported across into Snapchat videos remains to be seen, but as the Guardian notes, no formal provision against such usage has been stipulated by the music industry in agreements with streaming firms.

Snapchat has been busy adding new features of late, with Discover being the most recent addition – a system which highlights Stories from content producers such as Comedy Central, CNN and National Geographic. The Snapcash payment service was another fresh string to the bow introduced late last year in the US.