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YouTube working on subscription service for ad-free videos

After trying almost every conceivable way of adding a subscription service onto YouTube, the video streaming service might offer the subscription everyone has been waiting for: no-ads for one single payment per month.

YouTube tried offering paid channels, where a channel could price its content between £0.99 and £5.99, similar to paid channels on cable TV. This did not work, with hardly any big YouTube channels joining the program.

YouTube head of content and business operations Robert Kyncl claimed they were "fine tuning" the subscription service to be similar to the Music Key subscription service released a few months ago, allowing YouTube music to be played in the background with no-ads.

This is one of the most requested features from users that want to support their favorite channels, but tire of watching the same 30-second advertisements.

YouTube's price for no-ads will have to be appealing to the customer, considering services like AdBlock provide the removal of advertisements for free.

The video streaming service could go down the route of blocking users who have an ad-block service running, although this might impact views on popular channels quite significantly, considering around 35 per cent of YouTube users have AdBlock installed.

The subscription service should be available sometime within 2015, and hopefully with it Google will start to bring down some of the issues around AdBlock.

It does seem fair, even if users might whine that YouTubers do not deserve any revenue at all.