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BlackBerry Passport now available in red

Fancy a red Passport? What do you mean all passports are red – we’re talking about the BlackBerry phone, with the scarlet version (an alternative to the plain black or white) only being available in the US thus far.

Well, now you can get yourself a red handset at certain online retailers in the UK, as spotted by Digital Spy – namely Amazon, Clove, Mobile Phones Direct and Unlocked Mobiles. This is while stocks last, as there’s a limited quantity of the red Passports out there (in a blog post, Clove noted there are “very few about”).

You will pay a premium for your flash red colour, though – for example, at Clove you can currently bag the plain black Passport, or the white coloured one, for £420, whereas the red model will set you back £525. Ouch – that’s no minor price bump.

Still, a black phone won’t match your Ferrari, now, will it? Unless it’s a black Ferrari, ahem…

Anyhow, the Passport itself is a well-specced device, though probably too quirky for many folks with its square shape. It offers a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.2GHz quad-core CPU with 3GB of RAM, and plenty of power along with battery life and a great display.

But BlackBerry handsets are rapidly vanishing beasts these days…