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iPhone hack brings push notifications to Android Wear

Google wants all iPhone users to be able to use Android Wear, but since there has been no update to indicate this feature is coming, an Android developer has done most of the work.

Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyah has created a .apk file capable of sending push notifications from the iPhone to an Android Wear device without having to jailbreak to download software on the iPhone.

Utilising Apple's Notification Center Service, Abu-Garbeyyah was able to feed notifications to the Android Wear device, similar to how Pebble grabs push notifications from iOS.

It does mean only push notifications will be available on the Android Wear device, but if the user has an Android smartphone he should get notifications from both platforms.

The user does need to own or have an Android smartphone around for the Android Wear installation process, and for any features outside of push notifications an Android smartphone is better suited.

Abu-Garbeyyah has said he will make the .apk file public for all iPhone users, but did not give a firm date for launch. Google has not given any date for its own launch of an Android Wear companion app for iOS.

The hack comes two months before the launch of the Apple Watch, Cupertino's own smartwatch. Considering Google managed only 720,000 Android Wear sales in the second half of 2014, it might be easy pickings for the Apple Watch when it launches in April.

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