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Pebble leaks its own smartwatch a day early

Instead of having someone else leak the design of its new smartwatch, Pebble has shown a sneak peak of the front design one day before the official launch.

It is only 24 hours before the official release date, but Pebble could not wait to show the new colour-screen coming to the third-generation smartwatch.

The screen will remain an E-Ink instead of an LCD screen, which all Android Wear providers are offering. Pebble will maintain a huge advantage in terms of battery life, but it might annoy users wanting more from the smartwatch.

Pebble has not confirmed if it will be a full colour-screen, or if there will be a limited palette of colors for developers to choose from when designing their app.

Design wise, the Pebble will feature the same three buttons on the side, meaning no touch-screen on the smartwatch. It looks a bit chunkier than the last two models, possibly fitting in new sensors or a larger battery.

Pebble has also decided to go back to plastic (or possibly rubber) hinting at a water resistant design. It is not clear if the Steel option will get an upgrade this year, or if the company will discontinue the option.

It is still open for debate, but in under 24 hours Pebble will release most of the information on its third-generation smartwatch. It will also be showing the smartwatch off at Mobile World Congress on 1 March.

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