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Samsung Galaxy S6 teasers make some tasty revelations

Ahead of its reveal on March 1 – the end of this week – Samsung has stepped up the pace with its PR campaign for the Galaxy S6.

In fact, the company issued a series of teaser tweets on Friday and Saturday, for #TheNextGalaxy reveal at Unpacked.

A teaser video popped up on Friday, along with the tweet: “I am #TheNextGalaxy. See what inspired me at #Unpacked.”

The clip was an arty affair which simply stated that the phone is “crafted from the beautiful things” around it, and ended with a glimpse of its svelte side profile. That was followed up with a screenshot of the latter (see above), along with the tweet: “I’m not just inspired by what I see, I am crafted from what I see. I am #TheNextGalaxy.”

So, er, you get the general idea. It looks slick, it’s slim, plus it’s of the real world, and a practical handset, or something along those lines (at least this is what we assume they’re driving at – if you reckon otherwise, let us know in the comments).

The final teaser from Saturday is yet more artiness (naturally), and perhaps the most telling thing here is that it mentions “metals will flow”, which is clearly a reference to the Galaxy S6 (finally) adopting a metal chassis instead of the previous plastic bodies (which have been much criticised in some corners of the mobile world).

It also says that “borders will disappear”, which is probably a reference to the rumoured Galaxy S6 Edge variant, which will see the screen curve around both edges (like the Note Edge, but not just on one side). Though it could simply be a reference to a very thin bezel, of course.

So to sum up, it looks like the S6 will be a very thin handset, and the metal body has been confirmed, plus the Edge variant seems to have been, too.

We haven’t got long to find out the full skinny on the phone now, but as we’ve pointed out previously, Samsung knows it certainly needs to pull something special out of the bag with the S6, to reverse the decline in sales the S5 experienced compared to its forerunner.

Darren Allan

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