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Separate Apple Watch straps will be on sale at launch

Some more Apple Watch news has emerged, this time about the straps for the device rather than the actual core hardware itself.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple plans to sell a variety of wristbands from the launch of the smartwatch – which is something we’d heard about before, but hadn’t seen confirmation of.

As the site notes, so far we’ve only seen Apple display preassembled watches, and no mention has been given to various strap options. This will mean that right from the get-go, buyers will be able to customise whatever version of the smartwatch they purchase with their own band.

It’ll mean that each watch looks more unique, of course, and not just because of the many different watch faces that users can choose for the display.

As to how much the straps will run to – that isn’t clear yet, but mind you, neither is the pricing on the watch itself save for the base model.

The Apple Watch is due to go on sale in April, although that’s in the States – we’re looking at a delay before it comes over to the UK, which isn’t unusual, and hopefully will only be a slight one for those keen to get their mitts on the gadget. The initial shipment order for the device runs to around the five to six million level, according to the rumour mill.