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Snapchat launches safety guide to shed 'sexting' image

In an attempt to move away from its sexting-friendly image, social media platform Snapchat has launched a social safety guide (opens in new tab) for parents and teachers.

The safety document serves as a guide for Snapchat users’ parents and teachers in overseeing their teens’ app usage.

Some of the suggestions in the new resource include preventing children below 13 years old from using the app, and for Snapchat users aged 18 and above to always keep their clothes on when sending videos and pictures.

The safety centre was formed out of the growing worries of parents and teachers that the sensational app has become a medium to promote the sending of explicit content.

In the guide, Snapchat stated that while there is no danger in using the app, early news coverages had associated the app with sexting, where users send nude and other obscene photos with the confidence that the photo will disappear in seconds.

The California-based startup has partnered with international advocate groups as its safety advisory board in creating guides on how to use the app safely. Some of its partners include: the UK Safer Internet Center, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and technology-oriented organisation Connect Safely.

While teens are admittedly Snapchat’s biggest market, the startup is also trying to widen its scope through new features such as SnapCash, which allows the transfer of online funds, and Discover, which provides news updates.