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A third of Brits think wearables make people look ridiculous

Over a third of the people in the UK would feel embarrassed or self-conscious if they wore wearable tech as it currently appears, new research has found. As a result, businesses and app developers are being urged to do more if they want to improve uptake

The study was conducted by the UK mobile app developer Apadmi (opens in new tab)to form part of its new report looking into the public’s view of wearable technology, such as smart glasses, watches and fitness trackers.

Among other things, consumers were asked questions about currently available wearable tech and 35 per cent said they would feel embarrassed or self-conscious if they wore it.

Some 34 per cent thought it made people look like show-offs and 32 per cent claimed that wearable technology makes people look ridiculous.

In addition, 17 per cent said it makes people look unattractive when they wear it.

On the other hand, 20 per cent said the wearable tech makes people look intelligent and successful, 10 per cent would feel cool wearing it, and eight per cent believe it makes people look attractive.

Apadmi’s director says the developers must do much more to make wearables a long-term prospect.

“These findings illustrate that more can be done to make wearable tech desirable. Wearables are entering the market thick and fast but we’re already seeing early adopters abandoning them.

"This is down to many of the reasons highlighted in our research but also because the app experience is not satisfying users,” said Howard Simms, co-founder and director at Apadmi.

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