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All torrent talk gets an adult rating as Tumblr clamps down

The idea of online censorship is nothing new, particularly when it comes to content of questionable legality.

Just last week it transpired that Valve was blocking talk about Kickass Torrents in Steam chat (opens in new tab) and now Tumblr is engaged in similar activity.

Rather than blocking bloggers from posting about torrents, or stopping people from reading such posts, Tumblr now classifies torrent-related content as 'adult'. This means that many people will not be able to see posts that make reference to torrents unless they change their account settings.

Torrent talk has fallen victim to Tumblr's safe mode setting which was introduced in a bid to help clean up the blogging platform for a wider audience.

It's still possible to access such content, as Torrent Freak explains (opens in new tab) - all you need to do is hit the padlock icon to the right hand side of the screen to switch off safe mode, and the previously invisible search results will show up once again.

Classifying anything torrent-related as adult content seems a little extreme, although torrent talk on Tumblr does seem to have a more pornographic bent to it than other sites.

But whether you're looking for Tumblr blogs that can point you in the direction of the best porn torrents, you want to discuss Linux distros, or you want to talk about the torrential rain you've been enduring, it's good to know that access to such content is just one filter-removing click away.

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