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YouTube Kids launched on iOS and Android

Google has finally launched its children-friendly service after over a year of working with parents to create the perfect experience. YouTube Kids, a completely separate app from the main YouTube experience, will be available on Android and iOS.

The service was originally for Android tablets only, but it seems Google wanted to make it cross-platform from launch. Having both platforms equals over 1 billion potential users, although it is currently limited to the US.


YouTube Kids features a completely redesigned interface, allowing kids to browse four categories: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. There is a search button if content is unavailable on all four categories.

YouTube is overviewing the selection process for content, meaning there will be limited videos at the start. Lessons, DIY, arts and children's shows are all available on YouTube Kids, but right now it is holding off from importing Let's Play YouTubers.

Parents will have a lot of control over YouTube Kids, including a timer for the amount of time watching videos, sound settings to turn off background music and notifications and the ability to remove the search button.

There is even a feedback menu for parents to ask for certain features to be implemented or more restrictions.

Google is planning to rollout YouTube Kids to Kurio and Nabi child-tablets in the near future, but has no plans to add a web version. Considering the vast majority of young children own a tablet before a computer, it is a smart move to bring it to mobile first.

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