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Teaser season begins! Our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has not yet officially announced the successor to Galaxy S5, but we all know that the wait is almost over. The unveiling is scheduled for March 1, during the first Unpacked event of 2015. What we do not yet know is what the new device looks like.

So far, teasers have only given us vague details about its appearance, as Samsung has tried to keep as much as possible for the main event. However, T-Mobile has decided to expose more (opens in new tab) of Galaxy S6, releasing a teaser which shows the side of the upcoming smartphone quite clearly. And it looks quite awesome.

The Galaxy S6 model shown in the teaser features a black back and a curved edge display -- like Galaxy Note Edge has. However, since we're only shown a single side, there's no way of knowing if the display is also curved on the opposite edge as well.

The black back gives the impression that it is made out of metal, which would certainly make the smartphone much more visually appealing compared to any of its predecessors. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time Samsung's using metal on a flagship device, as Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge feature a metal frame.

Galaxy S6 seems to retain the Samsung logo at the top, as well as the physical home button. The latter appears to be taller than before, but it could just be the proportions tricking my eyes. However, like I already said, it won't be long until the grand unveiling.

Having "Six Appeal" written above Galaxy S6 certainly adds to the cool factor, making it one of the most interesting teasers I have seen in a long, long time. For comparison, take a look at what Samsung has on its Instagram page now.

It's not just inspiration, it's also craft. #TheNextGalaxy (opens in new tab)

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