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IBM and ARM unveil Internet of things starter kit

Tech giants IBM and chip designers ARM have partnered up and unveiled the first ‘Internet of Things (IoT) starter kit’, which they say will simplify the lives of everyone trying to ‘smarten’ up gadgets.

They say it only takes a couple of minutes to set the thing up, and once it’s done, it will start sending different readings to online apps.

The IoT Starter Kit consists of two parts: a development board and a sensor board.

The pre-configured microcontroller development board features one of ARM's Cortex-M4 processors and a small amount of built-in memory designed to be dedicated to a single task. The sensor expansion board contains a thermometer to measure temperature, an accelerator to measure motion, two potentiometers, a buzzer, a small joystick, an LED light with three different colours, and a rectangle black-and-white LCD display.

The two parts fit together and can be connected to the net using an Ethernet cable, or to another PC via USB.

"Frankly the use cases are bounded only by human imagination," said IBM's vice president of development Rob Lamb, BBC reports.

Zach Shelby, ARM's vice president of marketing, added: "[It's for] anybody who is into making products, whether they are makers who have a Kickstarter idea...all the way up to the device engineers for the big companies."

Even though the price of the unit is not yet unveiled, ARM says it should be somewhere between $50 (£32) and $200 (£130).

The kit will be manufactured by Freescale, and should hit the shelves sometime within the next few months.