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Samsung accuses Apple of poaching key talent

It's not just Tesla Motors losing talent to Apple. According to a new report from The Korean Times (opens in new tab), Apple is also poaching talent from its arch-rival Samsung in the battery and chip divisions.

Speaking to unnamed officials at Samsung in an interview, the report claims Apple is offering Samsung employees large benefits packages and a handsome salary to switch allegiances.

The key talent seems to come from the United States or is being brought over from Seoul, South Korea to Apple's headquarters in San Jose, California. One of the officials said “former Samsung workers are given greater independence to proceed with their tasks. Apple prefers to use Samsung’s chip experts because they are very diligent, mission-oriented and are prepared to acquire new knowledge."

Apple is also hiring heavily in the battery department for its upcoming electric car and Samsung is once again a target for poaching, considering its innovations in the battery market over the past decade.

Samsung supplies BMW with batteries for its own electric car, a market where it competes with Panasonic; the lead supplier for the Tesla Motors Gigafactory.

Even though it might be disturbing for many iFans - clearly unimpressed that Apple has to barter its way to win over talent from Samsung - it seems with the £116 billion in the bank CEO Tim Cook is willing and able to offer huge incentives to switch companies.

Exactly how many Samsung employees are switching is still unknown, although Apple is definitely ramping up its hiring for the electric car, meaning there is potential for hundreds of employees to turncoat for the extra salary.

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