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Samsung Galaxy S6 to have larger display?

Another teaser for the Galaxy S6 has popped up just ahead of its launch at the end of this week (on Sunday, as MWC prepares to kick off in earnest).

Samsung Norway has been releasing a series of slides on its site (spotted by Ubergizmo), showing rumours about the S6 – possibly the rumours which are true? Of course we don’t know that for sure, but it certainly seems that way with some of them, and the latest to be posted up is the fact that the Galaxy S6 will have a “larger display”.

Previous suggestions have been that the screen will be a 5.1in affair like the S5, or only just a touch (0.1in or 0.2in) bigger – but maybe we’re going to see something more phablet-like, a 5.5in display perhaps?

It doesn’t seem unlikely in this day and age of larger displays…

The other rumour slides, incidentally, point to an Edge variant of the S6 with the screen wrapping around on both sides (not just one as with the Note Edge), something which has practically been confirmed.

Another slide says the phone will be durable – possibly a reference to the almost certainly metal body – and that it will have forward facing stereo speakers. All of these sound on the money, so there seems a good chance we will be looking at a somewhat bigger display for the Galaxy S6. And that will please a good few people, as will that metal chassis...