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Valve announces SteamVR one week before GDC 2015

Valve is preparing to announce a lot of new information at GDC 2015 next week, including a first hands-on of SteamVR, the new platform for virtual reality games.

Rumors of Valve getting involved in VR have been swirling for months - ever since the second Oculus headset was announced - allowing Valve to compete heavily with its rivals Microsoft and Sony in the field.

Having SteamVR available will allow developers a mainstream route to getting VR games noticed, due to the lacklustre traction of Oculus' own store, but there is still a lack of actual VR headsets to utilise the new gaming experience.

Valve has confirmed it will show off its own VR headset at GDC 2015, with the potential of a few Valve games running on SteamVR.

This does bring an extremely prominent player into the VR world, over 60 million people use Steam to play video games, more than all PS4 and Xbox One players combined. Steam has more users than PlayStation Network or Xbox Live as well.

Having this platform available for VR developers could be a great revenue generator, especially if Valve decides to work on its own headset and APIs for developers.

Valve does work in mysterious ways however, meaning they might launch everything necessary for VR in the next few months or nothing at all in 2015, we never know.

GDC 2015 will not only be home to Valve's SteamVR announcement; the company will also show off the newest Steam controller and OS.

The Steam controller has apparently been worked on some more, offering new biometric controls that could be implemented into games, taking into account things like heart-rate, sweat or even deep breathing.

Valve will also announce a large update for Steam OS with a new focus on multimedia, since it has most of the gaming aspects already sorted. There is still no date as to when Steam OS will be available for anyone to download.

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