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Chromebook Pixel successor coming soon

Google's Chromebook Pixel will return this year, following a brief hiatus in 2014.

Designed as a Chromebook for developers, the Chromebook Pixel was a high-priced and heavy specced computer, but didn't feel right running a lightweight Chrome OS platform.

However, it looks like Google has seen some interest in a successor and will reportedly launch the Chromebook Pixel 2 in the next few months - perhaps at Google I/O in June.

The Chromebook Pixel is an oddity for many reasons. One, it cost $1,300 (£841) but had the operating system of a smartphone, incapable of downloading and using high-end applications that people who spend that much on a computer would want to use.

Even though it featured an Intel Core i7 processor, the actual need for such a hefty CPU was unnecessary, considering Chrome OS could run on a low-end smartphone.

It seems unlikely, but if Google were to offer the Chromebook Pixel 2 with Chrome OS or Windows 10, that would be a huge deal. Considering the design of the Chromebook Pixel already matched up to the MacBook Pro in terms of design, it would be great to see Google actually compete in the hardware space.

That is a long-shot, considering the Chromebook Pixel seems to be more for Googlers and avid developers, with the ability to remove Chrome OS altogether and add a new OS like Linux instead.

For typical users, it is nice to look at, but £850 for a gorgeous web browser is probably not worth it - unless Google rapidly decreases the price.

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