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Super Bowl XLIX stats and infographic

At the beginning of February, Super Bowl XLIX took place in Arizona, with the New England Patriots snatching victory from the Seattle Seahawks to claim a last-gasp 28-24 win.

Mobile usage at sports events has been a growing phenomenon for some time now and the Super Bowl, with worldwide coverage, is certainly no exception.

Now that the dust has settled, Extreme Networks has analysed the data and revealed the digital trends for fans at this year's Super Bowl.

Mike Leibovitz, director of mobility and applications at Extreme Networks, commented: “Year on year we are seeing a growing trend of fan engagement inside public venues, with more people utilising more bandwidth on more devices.

"And it comes as no surprise that social media applications continue to take up the majority of this – fans are social and want to share the experiences with friends and family that are not at the event.

"We’ve seen that the biggest general use of social apps coincides with the start of the game and during the half time break, with Facebook being the most popular app to visit at these times. Interestingly, during this year’s Super Bowl we witnessed a dramatic drop in mobile activity during the fourth quarter as fans put down their phones and followed the dramatic final moments of the game.

"This was interesting to see in comparison to last year’s Super Bowl where fans were utilising the network continuously as it was not such a close game. These correlations through analysing application usage provide valuable insight for the League which now has better visibility on when to engage fans, and through what type of application.

"It’s not just the sports sector that can benefit from network-powered application analytics – harvesting insights directly from the network can help transform any business, whether healthcare, enterprise or education in terms of revenue, profitability and productivity as well as improve customer experience.”