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Apple to focus on streaming for iTunes re-launch

Reports are coming in that Apple might be redesigning and re-launching iTunes, but with a focus on streaming instead of downloading music, which would make perfect sense.

Rumours fuelled by “someone who has knowledge of the talks currently taking place between Apple and musicians”, as Business Insider says, claim that the new Apple music service will combine Apple Radio and Beats Music.

Yes, that’s right – those two will be part of an Apple-run streaming platform.

The new iTunes will also focus on playlists curated by musicians, which is something Apple is negotiating with several artists right now. The entire project would be “masterminded” by former BBC Radio One DJ Zane Lowe.

Apple hired the well-known Zane Lowe in February to work on Apple's streaming service. The company also posted a job ad for a music journalist, who it wants to manage a team of freelancers.

These rumours also line up to what 9to5mac has to say about Beats Music: “Rather than merely installing the existing Beats Music app onto iPhones, Apple has decided to deeply integrate Beats into iOS, iTunes, and the Apple TV.”

However, having a high quality music streaming service is not a new thing on the interwebs. There are a number of similar services, including WiMP (known as Tidal in the US) – a service recently acquired by the American musician and entrepreneur Jay Z.

WiMP’s strong points are the fact that it’s streaming lossless music, and curated playlists and articles written by musicians and people who understand music better than ‘ordinary’ people.